Exercises Explained

This page demonstrates all the movements in the Hills Program. On the more challenging ones I have offered a scale or two so pick the option you can do efficiently, while the last few repetitions are still challenging.  On a side note, if you acquire an injury during the off season, stay away from doing any movements that are painful.  If you roll an ankle just stick to the upper body movements, or do a few more bike workouts, or substitute a different exercise, instead of giving up and not doing anything at all. 

Let’s get to it! 

Bear Crawl | Crab Walk | Duck Walk | Frog Leaps:

Up Down / Half Burpee:



Squat and Squat Jumps:

Lunge Jumps:

Double Leg and Single Leg Glute Bridge:

Leg Lifts:

Knees to Elbow Plank:

Side Plank:

Hands to Elbow Plank:

Sit Up:

Mountain Climbers:

Push Ups (3 Levels of Scale):